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Best Affiliate Marketing Services

Best affiliate marketing services company with a huge network of advertisers as well as publishers across PAN India. Generate sales/leads now!

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Best Affiliate Marketing Services

Best Affiliate Marketing Services

Social media and search platforms are changing the advertising game, one-third of all advertising spend will go towards digital channels, and with over 80% of all digital marketing dollars going towards display ads and search advertising, understanding the proper metrics to execute an effective online advertising campaign is critical.

CPC is the abbreviated form of Cost per Click A simple term that means what it is. It is a cost payable per click by the advertiser to the publisher. This is a step ahead of impressions based deals. This means that whatever the number of impressions the publisher serves the advertiser will only pay when a visitor clicks on his ads

Cost-per-click (CPC) represents the cost to the advertiser every time someone clicks on their ads Most online ad platforms require a target cost-per-click for new campaigns to run.

Cost per click (CPC) can vary greatly due to a variety of factors. These factors include the platform on which you’re advertising, the type of advertising you’re using, the audience you’re targeting, the product or service you’re advertising, and your bidding strategy.